Conservators are currently working to complete the wall and ceiling conservation portion of our massive project in the Reception Suite. The project will encompass paint conservation and inpainting, repair of moldings and plaster elements on the ceiling , restoration of the decoratively painted surfaces in the window bay, and the conservation and reinstallation  of the canvas roundels that punctuate the room.

Four conserved canvas roundels were reinstalled  Thursday, September 14, under the supervision of paper conservator Lorraine Bigrigg. She attached the roundels with a conservation-grade wheat paste with the gluten extracted, in order to prevent the breakdown of any organic materials which could compromise the over 150-year-old canvases.

Due to the loss of two rosettes in the floral molding of the ceiling, new molds have been made and the castings will be reattached. The original chestnut shutters of the room have been conserved and are awaiting reinstallation as well. Work is concurrently being done to clean and conserve the decoratively painted surfaces, wood moldings, window frame, and mop boards of the small room off the Reception Room proper.

Stay tuned and follow the progress as we get closer and closer in our effort to present the Reception Suite in its original 1860s splendor!