Remembering Jack Evans

The Mansion lost a very dear long-time friend and supporter in John J. Evans III (Jack), who passed away peacefully surrounded by his family on February 16. Originally from Lancaster, Pa.,  Jack attended the Lawrenceville School, where he met his future wife of 67 years, Noreen Blakely. Jack later graduated from Wesleyan University and the [...]

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Conservation Upkeep: The Dining Room Ceiling

While strides are being made in our major projects, we also have smaller upkeep projects in the planning for the off-season. Last conserved and restored in the late 1980's, some may have noticed the tromp l'oeil decoration on the Dining Room ceiling has exhibited paint loss and flaking for some time. This month, conservation staff [...]

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Conserving the Mansion’s Magnificent Gasoliers

With the excitement of the Christmas season now behind us, Mansion staff shifts focus to the two major conservation projects in the Reception Room and the Parlor. One recent advancement was the re-installation of the Reception Room's gasolier (originally gas-powered lighting fixture), and the de-installation of the Parlor's. The Reception Room's remarkable 250 lb. gasolier, comprised of [...]

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Love is in the Archives: Details on a Mansion Wedding Rediscovered

As part of a larger project to move and rehouse portions of the Mansion's archives, Director of Education Stacia Hanscom recently happened upon an article written around 1967 by Maine Historian and long-time friend and supporter of the Mansion, Earle Shettleworth Jr. The short article documents the reminiscence of Alice Libby Brown, the youngest daughter [...]

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‘Unpacking’ the Parlor: A Cupid by Any Other Name

As we remove and rehouse the Parlor's schematic furniture and furnishings, those rotund, infantile figures adorning the room's walls and ceilings become all the more apparent. Most visitors to the Mansion immediately recognize all the room's figures as "cherubs"- those angelic, winged and usually haloed unearthly abettors to God. Though we know these figures to [...]

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