Conservation Technician Harper Batsford Gets the Mansion in Tiptop Shape

A lot happens behind closed doors in the off-season! Since last year, the Mansion has been lucky to retain the services of Harper Batsford, a trained Collections Maintenance Technician. Harper has been going from room to room, intensively cleaning the hard to reach nooks and crannies of the house, including the intricate perforated frieze work [...]

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Dress from Mansion’s Collection featured in Maine Historical Society Exhibit

Victoria Mansion is pleased to have a pure-dye silk taffeta dress and jacket ensemble from our collection featured in the Maine Historical Society's current exhibition, World War I and the Maine Experience. The exhibition, which opened February 3 and runs through early June, celebrates the centennial of America's entrance in World War I, specifically honoring [...]

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School Tours at the Mansion

Closed to the public doesn't mean that there's down time here at the Mansion. This off-season over 550 students from area schools will be coming to participate in the Mansion's interdisciplinary programs, free of charge. This year elementary students in Scarborough, Windham-Raymond, Cape Elizabeth, Portland, and the Levey Day School will benefit from A Century [...]

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March Reception Suite Conservation Update

Conservators are now finishing the cleaning and stabilization of the Reception Suite ceiling. Next they will coat the surface with a removable barrier varnish to protect the original paint while also allowing for future conservation efforts to take place. Once the varnish is in place, in-painting of areas with damaged paint can begin. Many of [...]

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