Conservators are now finishing the cleaning and stabilization of the Reception Suite ceiling. Next they will coat the surface with a removable barrier varnish to protect the original paint while also allowing for future conservation efforts to take place. Once the varnish is in place, in-painting of areas with damaged paint can begin.

Many of the thin canvas roundels on the walls and ceiling have been cleaned with synthetic erasers and the room’s original chestnut shutters have been conserved and finished with a UV inhibiting varnish to minimize damage from sunlight. We await paint analysis to determine how to proceed with the conservation of the bright cream- colored woodwork. Its original varnish has crackled and yellowed over time.

Artist Giuseppe Guidicini’s genius continues to be discovered as conservators remove more layers of grime. The illusionistic silk damask panels flanking the bay window now reveal expertly gradated paint, matching the progression of light to dark seen in the treatment of the “damask” on the ceiling. Check back for more updates and revelations as this exciting project progresses!