This spring, the Mansion is pleased to be partnering with Maine’s Boy Scouts.

The Cape Elizabeth Boy Scouts are now working in the Mansion’s third floor Cistern Room to transform the space into a dedicated archival storage area, as well as as a place for small meetings and scholarly research. The room once housed a 1,000 gallon copper tank that held the entire water supply for the Mansion. The water was gravity-fed throughout the house in one of Maine’s earliest indoor plumbing systems.

Erich Chase, a current Mansion Earle G. Shettleworth Junior Docent, is spearheading the project to earn the prestigeous rank of Eagle Scout. We look forward to unveiling the finished product soon and commend the Boy Scouts on their excellent work!

For more information on the Earle G. Shettleworth Junior Docent Program, contact Education Director Stacia Hanscom at 207-772-4841 ext. 104. To apply, click HERE.