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Preservation Trades Demonstration in Portland
On the lawn at Victoria Mansion, Sunday October 15, 2023 from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.

Join us on October 15, 2023 for a free public workshop drawing together historic building owners who need work done, and the tradespeople who do the work. For years, preservationists have lamented the lack of workers skilled in the special methods and techniques required to work sensitively on older and historic buildings. While this problem can’t be fixed overnight, we firmly believe that knowledge sharing will be part of the solution.

The day begins with a brief introduction to cultural heritage and historic building preservation. Throughout the day knowledgeable and skilled tradespeople will present brief demonstrations of their trades, including woodwork repairs, window sash glazing, and woodcarving.

Anyone with an interest in older and historic buildings is invited to attend, including homeowners, historic building managers, and professionals like architects and government agency staff. Tradespeople who work on these buildings are invited to attend and connect with building owners. Also invited are tradespeople and contractors who are interested in moving into the preservation trades and learning to work on older and historic buildings.

==>Window Preservation

A brief talk on best practices for energy performance and long-term durability. Demonstrations of methods and materials for window sash glazing.
Demonstrator: Edward Reilly of Deering Sashworks.

==>Sanded Paint Imitates Brownstone

Somewhat common in the 19th century but now rare, sanded paint is a specialized exterior finish created by tossing dry sand into wet paint, where it sticks and gives the appearance of solid stone. Victoria Mansion is one of a small number of historic sites where this technique has been revived.
Demonstrator: Peter de Paolo.


Demonstration: Carving an Ionic Capital for the top of a porch column.
Demonstrator: John Leeke

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