With only a few short weeks left before the Mansion opens for the season May 1, conservators are busy prepping for the major conservation project in the Parlor. The room’s gasolier and furniture have been removed and relocated elsewhere throughout the house, and the original carpet will soon be rolled and rehoused to make way for scaffolding. There are also plans to relocate the two major paintings in the room, Jacob’s Dream by Luther Terry and The Iconocolasts by Emanuel Leutze, upstairs to the Green Bedroom.
Meanwhile, conservators are also hand-stitching a 17 by 20 foot pad to reinforce and repair the original carpet in the Reception Room. Research is also being finalized to procure 110 yards of robin’s egg blue silk fabric to recreate the window treatments and reupholster the original furniture suite. Look forward to seeing this magnificent, fully conserved room fully reinstalled for the first time in over 5 years!