In her never-ending search for information about the history of the Morses, Curator Arlene Schwind recently had a delightful visit in Alexandria, Virginia, with Rex F. Lothrop, the great-grandnephew of Ruggles Morse. She learned about Mr. Lothrop from his nephew, Robert Lipsky, who recently donated original Morse objects to the Mansion (see our December newsletter). 
While Arlene shared her research of their ancestors, Mr. Lothrop and his daughter, Jean Marchant, provided insights into the later generations of the Lothrop family, including the tidbit that Mr. Lothrop’s father had changed his name from “Ruggles” to “Rex” at an early age! Mr. Lothrop kindly gave the Mansion a photograph, by a New Orleans photographer, of his father, Rex Elias Lothrop in World War I uniform. We look forward to showing the Mansion and its treasures to the Lothrops when they visit Maine this summer.