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Following the mass death brought on by the Civil War, US citizens were desperate for evidence of a spirit world to glimpse or communicate with friends and family they had lost. With the advent of technologies like the phonograph and photography, as well as the increasing availability of electricity throughout the country, many alleged Spiritualists, occultists, and mediums began to give grieving (and simply curious) people hope. But how did they do it?

Join us for an evening tour, using the Mansion as a backdrop for tales of the Victorian-era phenomenon of Spiritualism and the heavy influence of death and mourning on Victorian society. Following the tour will be a brief talk and demonstration on the special effects behind the seances that fooled and inspired the public for decades.

This event is aimed toward adults. Due to potentially scary or disturbing themes, the event may not be suitable for children.

Please note: a small service charge will be added to your total to defray costs of our ticketing service. There are two performances on the same night – please be sure to select from the options in the ShowClix calendar.