In addition to membership, there are other ways to help us ensure that this important National Historic Landmark will be enjoyed by future generations.

For additional information on giving, contact the development office at

207-772-4841, ext. 102.
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The Libby family enjoy Thanksgiving in the Dining Room, 1916.
Annual Fund
The annual fund is an opportunity to supplement your membership gift with an additional donation to support the Mansion's operations. When you give to the Annual Fund, 100% of your gift goes directly into the Mansion's operating fund, ensuring that your gift has the greatest possible impact on our educational and curatorial programs, restoration initiatives, and ongoing maintenance. To make a gift to the annual fund, you can either print our Annual Fund form or make a secure gift online through our donation processor, Paypal.

Bequest Through a Will or Living Trust
One of the simplest ways to make a planned gift is to include a statement in your will or living trust that a share of your estate will be distributed to Victoria Mansion for the purpose that you name. Bequests are deductible as charitable gifts for estate tax purposes and can include most assets. A charitable bequest may be added to an existing will as a codicil.

Retirement Plan Assets
For a growing number of Americans, an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) may be their largest single asset. Naming the Mansion as the beneficiary of an IRA will waive both estate and income taxes and leave a permanent legacy in your name at the Mansion.

Life Insurance Policies
Many people find that the protection offered by life insurance policies is no longer needed later in life and use it as a tool for charitable giving. If you have such a situation, you can assign your insurance policy to the Mansion and name us as the beneficiary of the policy as well. You can then make annual tax-deductible contributions to cover the policy's annual premium. If the policy is paid up, you will receive an immediate tax deduction in an amount equal to the policy's cash surrender value.

Charitable Remainder Trust
A charitable remainder trust (CRT) provides either a fixed or variable lifetime income and an immediate income tax deduction to you. By using a CRT, you can bypass capital gain taxes and reduce your estate taxes. After the trust expires, the charitable remainder is directed to Victoria Mansion for general support or for a negotiated purpose you designate.

Charitable Lead Trust
A charitable lead trust will appeal to those who want to leave an inheritance for children and grandchildren while minimizing the percentage taken by estate and other inheritance taxes. While a variety of asset types can be used, one of the most common is revenue-generating real estate such as apartment buildings. In all cases, the income from the trust comes to Victoria Mansion for the number of years that you specify. When the trust is terminated, the assets within the trust can either return to you or be given to another party (typically children or grandchildren).