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Victoria Mansion Staff Members                                              Phone 207.772 4841

Director Thomas B. Johnson ext. 100
Curator Arlene Palmer Schwind ext. 103
Assistant Director Timothy Brosnihan ext. 101
Director of Development Samuel Heck ext. 102
Director of Education 
& Visitor Services
Lucinda Hannington ext. 104
Museum Shop Buyer Alice Ross ext. 105
Museum Shop ext. 107
Development & Communications
Coordinator, Event Coordinator
Victoria Levesque ext. 111
Museum Shop and Site Manager Patti Chase ext. 106

Victoria Mansion Trustees

Drew Oestreicher, President
Sandy Riley, First Vice-President
Nancy Marino, Second Vice-President
Elizabeth K. Astor, Third Vice-President
Jonathan Carr, Treasurer
Nancy S. Armitage, Recording Secretary
Candice Thornton Lee, Corresponding Secretary
Marcella Ade
Stephen S. Barton
Eric Baxter
Michael Devine
Mary C. Doughty
John Hatcher

Thomas L. Hinkle
Lauren Webster LaFrance
Cynthia Macdonald
Carlene Magno
Marian Hoyt Morgan
Aaron Morris
Sarah Newick
Jean Nishiyama
Sue Nutty
Carol Patterson
Earle G. Shettleworth, Jr.
Ruth Townsend Story
Sue Sturtevant

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